The most engaging movies you can see on TV

New movies don`t usually make it on the TV screen in the first three or four years. But there are plenty of other very good movies that are broadcasted on special movie channels or even on more general channels. You can actually see some of the best movies of the past on TV as they are the ones that make it on the small screen, so if you see these titles in the TV schedule make time to see them.

Pulp Fiction. This is about the lives of two mob hit men, a pair of bandits, the wife of a gangster and a boxer. It is an engaging movie that you would probably enjoy seeing again or see it for the first time.

Fight Club. This one is the all-time favorite of many people and a wonderful performance of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It is an eye-opening movie that will probably change the way you see the world.

Cast Away. This is an old movie with Tom Hanks where he finds himself on a deserted island and he has to adapt and find ways to survive in the wild all alone. It is a touching movie.

The Italian Job. If you want to see and engaging movie this is a perfect job. Charlie Croker devises a plan with his team to steal gold from a former ally. Much of the action takes place in Venice and it is a movie that will make your heart pound.

Inception. This is famous and old enough to be aired on most movie channels. It is a movie that you can see several times and a thrill to enjoy in high definition if you can see it that way. Leonardo di Caprio performs exceptionally in this movie.

The Prestige. Everyone who saw this movie loved it. You will become a fan of it if you love magicians and illusions. The rivalry between two magicians is portrayed very well in a very engaging manner. It is a movie with Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.

Keep an eye for these movies. If you want to enjoy more like this try watching TV on your PC, you`ll get thousands of channels including some dedicated to movies.

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