The best episodes of The Sopranos. In the memory of James Gandolfini

The death of the central character of the beloved show The Sopranos saddened us all. What we have now to remember and watch again are the best episodes of The Sopranos. Making a choice between the episodes of this TV Series is not an easy thing. The characters are all majestic and the story coherent and sticky.

One of the best episodes is “The Second Coming”, from the sixth series. In this episode we see a glimpse of the human part or Tony who acts ferociously to protect them. The suicide attempt of AJ is a powerful turning point in this episode. Striking, to say the least.

And how about episode 9 from the first series, called “Boca”, when we watch Tony influence the soccer coach through not so legal or moral method and in the end teaching him a lesson in a dramatic and rather amusing way. But besides this we also liked the episode “Employee of the Month” where the performance of Bracco is amazing. She makes you feel everything she supposedly feels and ends the episode with a great and memorable finale.

The season finale of the second season is legendary. Episode 13 deals the problem of Tony who realizes that Big Pussy has turned into a snitch and must be taken out. The scene where Pussy negotiates the way he is going to die is unbelievable and strikes a soft chord in every one of us.

I`ll end this memorial of excellent episodes with “The Knight in White Stain Armor” where T gets sarcastic and Tony deals with a suicidal goomah. In this episode we see Janice pulling the trigger on Richie Aprile, a great shock for the fans and an epic scene. If you haven`t watched these episodes yet, go do it now.

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