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Our company does not assume any responsibility for the mistakes, inaccuracies or errors that may occur in the information, services or products provided by our company, or other documents referred to or linked to our site. We do not guarantee that the information is up to date, accurate or virus free. Due to the constant changes in the industry, information can be altered within minutes so the information provided just a while ago may not be as accurate in the moment you may read it. Our company and its employees and executives shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, which include, but are not limited to loss of profits or wages. You hereby agree that you will never impute any claims against our company to any expenses or damages, under any circumstances.

No advice

Our website is designed only for the informational purposes. It shall not be considered as legal advice. It is solely intended for use exclusively for entrepreneurs, advisors or investors for information. We try to keep our information as up to date as we can and our sources are believed to be reliable. Still, information can change in time and may become obsolete. We may alter or modify any information provided in this website without previous notification but we do not guarantee that we will do this.

The user agrees to hold harmless and defend our company and its officers, employees, executives, agents and third parties from and against all losses, expenses, claims and costs.

Our company has the right to seek remedies for any violations which may included and are not limited to blocking the access from a certain address to our website.


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