Will the new Boardwalk empire season be as thrilling as expected?

(spoiler alert season2) Ask anyone who was a fan of Boardwalk Empire who was their favorite character and you`ll get many answer pointing at Jimmy. He was different than all the rest and one could easily relate to him. He really seemed to be the future of the plot and we all wanted to see him going somewhere or at least to see him trying to. His death was unexpected to most of us and made us wonder if the new series will be as exciting without him.

The first episode of the new series is here and based on what we have seen so far it seems that the series does recover and may be as interesting as before although there is some lack of order that you might notice, at least in the beginning. The episode follows Margaret`s efforts to put Nucky`s money in charitable efforts and the new career of Nelson Van Alden as a salesman. As the episode goes on a new storyline unveils with some new characters like Bobby Cannavale which seems that will have a bone to pick with Nucky.

Although the new series is extremely interesting it seems that the gap that Jimmy left behind has yet to be filled.

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New cast in the Real Housewives of Miami show

A new episode of “Real Housewives of Miami” was recently aired and it brought a few surprises. There are four new actresses and three cast members that have remained. These are Ana Quincoces, Adriana de Moura and Marysol Patton, which some say were great in the last episode and that could be the reason why they were kept on board.

Patton and Sierra are the kind of characters that are very bitchy, but still funny enough that you begin to like them. Karen Sierra is new to the show, but fits in nicely in the plot.

Joanna Krupa is a new addition in the form of a supermodel who does not want to appear as a diva, but it is quickly demonstrated through her actions that this is exactly that case. De Moura shows in this episode a bit of her true personality as, while walking with spike heels in a construction site, she begins to whine about the lack of amenities and such.

Lea Black is a new addition and she is the villain of this series. Lisa Hochstein plays the wife of a plastic surgeon and as she shows to be quite sincere she might win the heart of a few fans and she might have a future in this show.

What do you think about the new characters in this new episode?

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What will happen in the new Season of Suits?

I know that the Season`s Premiere will be in a couple of months, but I just can`t help to think about what`s next, especially since we just got a small insight into what will be an important character in the new series.

Apparently Amanda Schull will play an ambitious assistant of the district attorney. Harvey Specter will have a new opponent worthy of his ambition and his wits. What could be this character like if not a go-getter willing to do things in bit of an unorthodox manner in order to get what she wants. She will be a member of the Manhattan`s D.A.`s office and will probably have the great skill of playing with people`s emotions and capitalizing on their weaknesses. What is Harvey`s weakness? I don`t know, but Amanda will surely try to find out and use in in her own interest.

I am hyped and can`t wait to see the battle between these great characters in a series that will probably keep all the fans glued to the TV. The new episode of Suits will be aired in January. Don`t miss it.

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Sons of Anarchy Season`s Premiere hits hard

The Sons of Anarchy Season 5 premier went in the direction that pretty much everyone was expecting from the beginning, but as it happens in this show, things are never so easy. Jax takes the places of his father and is now leading SAMCRO and begins to write a journal as his father used to do.

But while in the beginning things seem nice, although everyone was expecting a sudden change, the effect of the actions of the club in Season 4 are now kicking hard in this season. And by hard we mean hard. The burning of Tig`s daughter is probably the most cruel and harsh thing we have seen in the series and the collection of nasty things is huge.

In this premiere Clay is trying to get back on his feet. He definitely has more to offer in the episodes to come although he cannot touch Gemma, or at least he should think twice about it as Gemma now has Nero, played by Jimmy Smits which you might know from NYPD Blue.

What everybody is probably wondering is if Jax will actually be able to direct the club in the positive side or even if he wants to. He maneuvers his alliance with the CIA, his fiancée and an angry mom, but Jax can handle this kind of stuff. The question is if we can handle so many storylines at a time as the show does not give our brain one pause.

One thing is certain. The new season will be as intense, harsh and filled with raw action as all those before or even more. Stay posted. I can`t wait for the next episode.

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Insights on the upcoming new series of Revenge

Are you a fan of Revenge? I mean the TV show, not that the other things is unpopular. Then you know that the first series opened with a quote from Confucius that said “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”, idea which kind of dominated the whole series and could be found time and time again in the plot or the way the characters acted. So what will be the theme of the next series?

The second season premiere will be called “Destiny”. Can you really change or choose your destiny or is it all already planned in detail for you? Is Emily`s plan to revenge her father not exactly her plan, but only what some superior force planned or is this just the natural order of things? You know by now that Emily is in fact Amanda Clarke who wants to get revenge against those who framed her father so she has a plan to navigate the upper society in order to fulfill her goal.

In the second series she strives with more doubts and a whole set of emotions, but she continues to set her plan in motion. Nothing will stop her apparently, but is that really so? Stay close, the second season premiers on September 30th on ABC at 9PM.

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