How to record TV shows

Your favorite TV shows seem to be on at the worst times. You either don`t have time to watch them or you can`t share them with your loved ones. It is a thousand times more convenient to be able to record the TV shows that you want to see and just make time for them in the weekend or when you are not working.

The easiest way to make use of modern technology and to be able to watch your favorite shows is to record them on a DVR or a TiVo. These devices allow you to record the shows that you are after even without being at home. You can program the device to start recording at a certain time and on a certain channels. You can also use a DVD recorder if you have a cable box or you can get a PC tuner card to record digital OTA.

Some cable companies have the option to offer you, for a price, a DVR. You might think it is not worth the investment at first, but you will pay even more buying the DVD after that or paying online to see a show that you have missed because of work, school or other life issues.

If you watch TV on your computer there are numerous ways to record that. Sometimes the software that you purchase to watch TV on your PC (a software is always better because you get multiple channels at high quality) gives you the option to record TV shows also. If that is not the case, you can download a software that record your screen like Camrecorder or Camtasia and record the screen and the sound while you are away. It will use a lot of space on your hard-drive, but at least you will not be losing your precious TV shows.

When you record your TV shows, even with a DVR or TiVo make sure you get the airing time correctly. Don`t think that the airing time or day will not change, especially for long seasons, so always be up to date with that in order not to record something else you really don`t want to watch. Also, make sure there is enough space on the DVR or the hard drive and don`t forget to make time to watch what you recorded.

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