Fun and interesting facts about your loved TV series

Behind every TV series there is so much mystery, fun and drama that you could make another show only based on that. Each TV series has it`s fun, hidden and interesting part.

For example did you know that Michael and Jennifer from Dexter were married? They play brother and sister in the TV series. What is even more gossip-worthy is that they divorced after two years of being married and they kept working together after that. If you think that is weird what until you hear about Antoria Gillon American Idol contestant. Although she was in labor she still held the audition for the show. And it kind of worth it as she made it far in the show. That`s brave, right?

Have you noticed how in How I Met Your Mother Lily and Marshall almost never kiss? It`s not only the script, Lily apparently does not want to do it because Marshall smokes in real life. And talk about famous TV series, did you know that the fridge of Joey in Friends was always empty, although functional and that the fridge of Monica was filled with drinks for the cast?

Have you seen Start Trek? Nichele Nichols found a job at NASA after the show was cancelled. Isn`t that ironic? And did you know that Mila Kunis was only 14 years old when she held her audition for That `70s Show?

Sometimes drama is more than real. The host of the show River Monsters has nearly dies in more than one occasion while filming the show. He was held at gunpoint, he almost drowned and his plane crashed at one time. Lucky or crazy?

What other trivia do you know about famous TV Series?

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