Five TV Shows Categories You Should Keep an Eye On

When you choose the next TV show or series that you are going to commit to, think about choosing one from a certain category. Why not watch a TV show from a category you are particularly interested in? This way you can get quality entertainment and even learn something new. There are dozens of categories to choose from and we are going to give some examples of TV shows from five categories we love in particular.

  1. Reality. Reality shows are excellent. They show something that is really happening in a thrilling mode and they often make people do things they do not ordinary do and we love that. Some excellent reality shows are MythBusters where they debunk myths in a fun, new way, Top Gear, excellent if you love cars and Masterchef which challenges the creativity of chefs and gives you great ideas on what to cook. We also recommend the thrilling TV show Cops that puts you directly in the action.
  2. Comedy. This category is incredibly rich. You can watch The Big Bang theory or How I met Your Mother, both really funny and engaging. And if you enjoy satire and irony go watch Family Guy for a twisted and politically incorrect funny show. Two and a Half Men is also famous and very funny. Don`t forget about the musical comedy Glee if you are into that sort of thing.
  3. Business. That`s right, there are plenty of TV series that deal with the fun and exciting part of business. In this category we can recommend The Apprentice, 60 Minutes and American Greed. Another excellent one is outsourced, a show about a company manager sent to India to train and supervise a team of customer service reps.
  4. Action and Adventure. This category rules and is the favorite among many people. The favorite TV shows in this category are Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf and Falling Skies. If you see them in the TV schedule make an effort to see at least one of them. Another good one is The Walking Dead which is about zombies and the known Smallville which is a story about a modern Superman in a small American city.
  5. Fantasy. And when you want to escape from the real world if just for a couple of hours you can turn to one of the TV shows in the Fantasy category. Here you have True Blood about vampires, Game of Thrones one of the most famous TV shows in the world, Supernatural or Warehouse 13. Another excellent mention is Merlin a BBC series that takes place in a land of myth where magic was a part of daily life.

You can, of course, explore many other categories like documentary, animation, news, science, suspense or even horror and as a rule of thumb , try to watch more than one episode from each one in order to get a feel of the story behind the show.

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