Can the Internet replace TV?

You`ve probably noticed that you spend more time on the computer than you used to. If you follow the general trend you are probably spending more time on the computer than you now spend watching TV, way more time. Why is that? Well, firstly, you have a limited number of hours in the day and with all that cool things going on online who has time for television? Secondly, you have an increased power to choose.

Some are wondering if Internet is really going to replace TV. The answer is: not quite. There is a deep love for TV and it is, in the end, the place that brings that best news, the TV series you love so much and live sports events. TV channels are not disappearing. On the contrary. More and more channels appear nowadays and become more niched. You have now a channel for cooking, one for baseball, another one for romance comedies. The purpose is to let the user choose.

But with people spending an increasing amount of time on their laptops and smartphones the natural thing is starting to happen, people start to watch TV on their PCs and laptops. It is more convenient, you have a better ability of choosing the programs you want, you have additional features that make this easier and you can search for what you like in seconds.

Sure, the Internet infrastructure is not everywhere great, but in most if not all developed countries Internet works fast enough to support HD Youtube videos and that is more than enough to support the broadcast of TV channels.

Internet also educated people to want more information. They want to see that game from India, or find out local news from local journalists. They want see certain movies and TV series that are maybe banned from their local TV channels, so they naturally try to find it online. And that works because somewhere on a TV channel in the world the piece you want to see is already broadcasted and Internet can get you access to that.

You also crave for interaction. You want to pause, rewind, repeat and be able to comment and share on what you see and so far interactive TV sets are not satisfactory. So will Internet replace TV? Probably not, but we will soon see an interesting blend.

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