The most engaging movies you can see on TV

New movies don`t usually make it on the TV screen in the first three or four years. But there are plenty of other very good movies that are broadcasted on special movie channels or even on more general channels. You can actually see some of the best movies of the past on TV as they are the ones that make it on the small screen, so if you see these titles in the TV schedule make time to see them.

Pulp Fiction. This is about the lives of two mob hit men, a pair of bandits, the wife of a gangster and a boxer. It is an engaging movie that you would probably enjoy seeing again or see it for the first time.

Fight Club. This one is the all-time favorite of many people and a wonderful performance of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It is an eye-opening movie that will probably change the way you see the world.

Cast Away. This is an old movie with Tom Hanks where he finds himself on a deserted island and he has to adapt and find ways to survive in the wild all alone. It is a touching movie.

The Italian Job. If you want to see and engaging movie this is a perfect job. Charlie Croker devises a plan with his team to steal gold from a former ally. Much of the action takes place in Venice and it is a movie that will make your heart pound.

Inception. This is famous and old enough to be aired on most movie channels. It is a movie that you can see several times and a thrill to enjoy in high definition if you can see it that way. Leonardo di Caprio performs exceptionally in this movie.

The Prestige. Everyone who saw this movie loved it. You will become a fan of it if you love magicians and illusions. The rivalry between two magicians is portrayed very well in a very engaging manner. It is a movie with Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.

Keep an eye for these movies. If you want to enjoy more like this try watching TV on your PC, you`ll get thousands of channels including some dedicated to movies.

How to record TV shows

Your favorite TV shows seem to be on at the worst times. You either don`t have time to watch them or you can`t share them with your loved ones. It is a thousand times more convenient to be able to record the TV shows that you want to see and just make time for them in the weekend or when you are not working.

The easiest way to make use of modern technology and to be able to watch your favorite shows is to record them on a DVR or a TiVo. These devices allow you to record the shows that you are after even without being at home. You can program the device to start recording at a certain time and on a certain channels. You can also use a DVD recorder if you have a cable box or you can get a PC tuner card to record digital OTA.

Some cable companies have the option to offer you, for a price, a DVR. You might think it is not worth the investment at first, but you will pay even more buying the DVD after that or paying online to see a show that you have missed because of work, school or other life issues.

If you watch TV on your computer there are numerous ways to record that. Sometimes the software that you purchase to watch TV on your PC (a software is always better because you get multiple channels at high quality) gives you the option to record TV shows also. If that is not the case, you can download a software that record your screen like Camrecorder or Camtasia and record the screen and the sound while you are away. It will use a lot of space on your hard-drive, but at least you will not be losing your precious TV shows.

When you record your TV shows, even with a DVR or TiVo make sure you get the airing time correctly. Don`t think that the airing time or day will not change, especially for long seasons, so always be up to date with that in order not to record something else you really don`t want to watch. Also, make sure there is enough space on the DVR or the hard drive and don`t forget to make time to watch what you recorded.

The best reality TV shows ever

Reality shows are the most successful TV shows in the history of television. Everybody has heard about them and you can find at least one that you love because they come in every imaginable type. You will get funny ones, adventure ones, reality shows that are related to travelling or even some that are for cooking. Here are some of the best ones so you can get an idea of what you can watch next.

Survivor. This show has millions of fans around the world and has been made by more than 20 countries in the world. More than 50 million Americans watched the end of the first series and more than 15 million are still fans. It is a show with the motto “Outwit, outlast, outplay” and the winner gets $1 million dollars. 20 contestants are stranded on an island and they have to provide for themselves and win challenges. It`s fun.

Big Brother. A number of contestants have to live in a house where they are constantly watched. They have to win challenges and players are usually eliminated based on the votes inside the house and votes from the public. It is fun and unexpected.

The amazing race. Everyone would like to be a part of the amazing race. About 10 teams race around the world, winning and losing challenges and putting up with new environments in order to win one million dollars. It is an engaging show and it is the favorite of any travellers. You will see amazing scenery in each episode.

Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls travels in different dangerous locations and shows people how to survive them in case they remain stranded. I think we all wonder how and if we could manage in the wild if we were to be left there and we are in awe when someone manages to survive in some of the nastiest places on Earth.

Dirty Jobs. You think your job sucks? Watch Mike Rowe practicing a few of the worst jobs in the world and yes, it is as bad as you imagine, maybe even worse. Watch this one to feel a bit better about yourself.

Reality shows are about people and we are interested in people. Find your favorite genre and enjoy at least a week of full-on entertainment.

The best TV shows we saw this year (2013)

Every year we find new shows that win our heart immediately. We watched closely how a bunch of shows were released this year and we eagerly spent the time to review them. Some stroke a deep chord within our hearts and we think we`ll become fans before long. Here are some of the new and interesting shows from 2013 that we think you should also watch:

  1. Orphan Black. This series released by BBC America focuses on a young delinquent named Sarah who steals the identity of a woman that committed suicide and who looks exactly like Sarah. This girl is now exploring a new life, the life of the women she stole the identity from in a show that is thrilling and exciting. You`ll find the same creativity and charm in the second episode as well as in the first and there is no reason not to think that this will not continue.
  2. House of Cards. This is a political thriller with Kevin Spacey in it, should I say more? The series focuses on the battle between two candidates and decisions that shape and change the landscape of the modern political environment. All the twelve episodes are released and streaming on Netflix.
  3. Newsreaders is a parody of the real news. It packs numerous jokes in the short episodes and you will watch in delight. It mocks serious news and decisions of celebrities and politicians and it is great fun to watch
  4. Legit. You have probably seen this idea before in some movies, but we can`t get enough of it and it is really well played in this series. It seems like the story of a man who says everything he thinks of and does what he wants with no regard of what other people think, but with a twist. Jefferies, the main characters is a benevolent character that helps those around him in funny and sometimes strange ways.

There you go, a list of recommendations that will keep you busy for a while. To add to it we might say that we also liked The Following and the Bates Motel series, both with interesting plots and good actors. Enjoy.

Can the Internet replace TV?

You`ve probably noticed that you spend more time on the computer than you used to. If you follow the general trend you are probably spending more time on the computer than you now spend watching TV, way more time. Why is that? Well, firstly, you have a limited number of hours in the day and with all that cool things going on online who has time for television? Secondly, you have an increased power to choose.

Some are wondering if Internet is really going to replace TV. The answer is: not quite. There is a deep love for TV and it is, in the end, the place that brings that best news, the TV series you love so much and live sports events. TV channels are not disappearing. On the contrary. More and more channels appear nowadays and become more niched. You have now a channel for cooking, one for baseball, another one for romance comedies. The purpose is to let the user choose.

But with people spending an increasing amount of time on their laptops and smartphones the natural thing is starting to happen, people start to watch TV on their PCs and laptops. It is more convenient, you have a better ability of choosing the programs you want, you have additional features that make this easier and you can search for what you like in seconds.

Sure, the Internet infrastructure is not everywhere great, but in most if not all developed countries Internet works fast enough to support HD Youtube videos and that is more than enough to support the broadcast of TV channels.

Internet also educated people to want more information. They want to see that game from India, or find out local news from local journalists. They want see certain movies and TV series that are maybe banned from their local TV channels, so they naturally try to find it online. And that works because somewhere on a TV channel in the world the piece you want to see is already broadcasted and Internet can get you access to that.

You also crave for interaction. You want to pause, rewind, repeat and be able to comment and share on what you see and so far interactive TV sets are not satisfactory. So will Internet replace TV? Probably not, but we will soon see an interesting blend.

Six highly rated TV series from the 90`s you need to watch

There are so many great new TV series that you don`t know what you watch first, yet what is new is not always “the best ever”. TV shows aficionados know that excellent TV series, the ones that truly embed good plots and excellent actors have been made five, ten and even 20 years ago. We`ll not tell you to watch all the TV series from the past decades, but there are a few honorable mentions and shows you might want to add to your watch list:

  1. Oz. This one is a classic you definitely heard of. The series tells the story of the daily activities in a prison facility and has a one of a kind plot. It tells fascinating and thrilling stories and relates the struggles the inmates go through and the inside games they must play. It is probably one of the best shows that present life in prison, apart from Prison Break probably.
  2. Friends. This series started in 1994. They had ten seasons and they do not get boring at all, in fact they get funnier and funnier. This is an all-time favorite and I know that you have seen a few episodes, but don`t stop there. To truly catch the gist of this TV series you need to watch them all. It might take some time, but it will be extremely fun.
  3. Seinfeld. Comedies stick with people. The misadventures of the stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his crazy friends are as fresh now as they were 20 years ago. The show, watched today, has a vintage air to it and the characters seem out of this world with the way they dress and act sometimes and it is pleasant to watch.
  4. The Simpsons. The Simpsons is almost forgotten nowadays with the appearance of shows like Family guy and the success of South Park, which, by the way is also from the 90`s, but there is something utterly original about the satiric adventures of this working-class nut and his crazy family. The show is outrageous at times and shows the defects of the society while being funny at the same time. A must watch.
  5. The X-files. If you are interested in aliens this is the show you will want to watch. The special effects are not great, but the plot is catching and the actors are good. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully remain in the history of cinematography and this series must be watched, at least in part.

Break the pattern and watch something new and something different. The shows from the 90s are not only funny, but mesmerizing in their own way. They might remind you of your youth or will teach you about how things used to be and what was important 20 years ago. A good way to keep your interest in them is to try to spot the differences between the way they made shows back them and the way they do them now.

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Five TV Shows Categories You Should Keep an Eye On

When you choose the next TV show or series that you are going to commit to, think about choosing one from a certain category. Why not watch a TV show from a category you are particularly interested in? This way you can get quality entertainment and even learn something new. There are dozens of categories to choose from and we are going to give some examples of TV shows from five categories we love in particular.

  1. Reality. Reality shows are excellent. They show something that is really happening in a thrilling mode and they often make people do things they do not ordinary do and we love that. Some excellent reality shows are MythBusters where they debunk myths in a fun, new way, Top Gear, excellent if you love cars and Masterchef which challenges the creativity of chefs and gives you great ideas on what to cook. We also recommend the thrilling TV show Cops that puts you directly in the action.
  2. Comedy. This category is incredibly rich. You can watch The Big Bang theory or How I met Your Mother, both really funny and engaging. And if you enjoy satire and irony go watch Family Guy for a twisted and politically incorrect funny show. Two and a Half Men is also famous and very funny. Don`t forget about the musical comedy Glee if you are into that sort of thing.
  3. Business. That`s right, there are plenty of TV series that deal with the fun and exciting part of business. In this category we can recommend The Apprentice, 60 Minutes and American Greed. Another excellent one is outsourced, a show about a company manager sent to India to train and supervise a team of customer service reps.
  4. Action and Adventure. This category rules and is the favorite among many people. The favorite TV shows in this category are Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf and Falling Skies. If you see them in the TV schedule make an effort to see at least one of them. Another good one is The Walking Dead which is about zombies and the known Smallville which is a story about a modern Superman in a small American city.
  5. Fantasy. And when you want to escape from the real world if just for a couple of hours you can turn to one of the TV shows in the Fantasy category. Here you have True Blood about vampires, Game of Thrones one of the most famous TV shows in the world, Supernatural or Warehouse 13. Another excellent mention is Merlin a BBC series that takes place in a land of myth where magic was a part of daily life.

You can, of course, explore many other categories like documentary, animation, news, science, suspense or even horror and as a rule of thumb , try to watch more than one episode from each one in order to get a feel of the story behind the show.

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The Most Popular TV Series in the World And Why You Should Watch Them

There is something pleasantly addictive about TV series. They immerse you in a new world, they make you live the drama, laugh, live and even cry. You can learn new things and spend time in an enjoyable way. If you want to start somewhere you should start with the most watch and popular TV series in the world as they will not be a waste of time and you will be able to share the experience with your friends, who also probably watched these shows.

  1. Game of Thrones. This is a rather new TV series and new episodes are continuously coming up. It is a thrilling series that tells the story of seven noble families that try to take control of the mythical land of Westeros. The story is well put together and it is based on the books of George RR Martin. The show is unexpected, features great actors and amazing scenery. Watch the first episode and you will be hooked.
  2. Breaking Bad. This is the story of a high school chemistry teacher that becomes a drug dealer and changes his life completely after finding out he is going to die. The transformation of the main character from a regular teacher into a cruel drug dealer is amazingly well-shown. It shows how life can change a man and it is a rather funny show at times.
  3. How I Met Your Mother. It is a story of Ted who searches for the woman of his dreams in New York. He tells this story to his children and recalls his young years when he spent time with his four best friends. It is a very funny show that keeps you hooked. There are plenty of unexpected changes in the stream of action and it does not get boring even after eight series.
  4. The Sopranos. It is a modern day tale about the mafia boss Tony Soprano. It is Mafia like it probably goes on it reality, without useless exaggerations, but still very much catching. Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in and unique way and the show takes you through many different states of mind and emotions.
  5. Dexter. You`ll hear everybody talking about Dexter. He is a very smart and calculated serial killer who is also a likeable police forensics expert. The character is unbelievable and I guess the story appeals to something all humans have inside them. Give the show some time as it begins to unveil its true value only after a few episodes.
  6. Sons of Anarchy. It is sometimes called a “telenovela” for guys. It is the story of a man in his 30s who is part of a motorcycle gang and who tries to find balance between his new life as a father and his exciting life as the unofficial leader of his gang. The story is excellent and you can never tell what comes next. If you like motorcycles and a thrilling story this is what you should watch.
  7. Mad Men. Almost everyone wants to work in advertising. This is the story of advertising in the good old age and about the rise of women in this industry. It has a good storyline and excellent actors.

Episodes for each series are released weekly and you can even watch all of these seven series at once. There are hours or excellent fun just waiting for you out there. Invest time in the best TV series and you will not regret it.

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Fun and interesting facts about your loved TV series

Behind every TV series there is so much mystery, fun and drama that you could make another show only based on that. Each TV series has it`s fun, hidden and interesting part.

For example did you know that Michael and Jennifer from Dexter were married? They play brother and sister in the TV series. What is even more gossip-worthy is that they divorced after two years of being married and they kept working together after that. If you think that is weird what until you hear about Antoria Gillon American Idol contestant. Although she was in labor she still held the audition for the show. And it kind of worth it as she made it far in the show. That`s brave, right?

Have you noticed how in How I Met Your Mother Lily and Marshall almost never kiss? It`s not only the script, Lily apparently does not want to do it because Marshall smokes in real life. And talk about famous TV series, did you know that the fridge of Joey in Friends was always empty, although functional and that the fridge of Monica was filled with drinks for the cast?

Have you seen Start Trek? Nichele Nichols found a job at NASA after the show was cancelled. Isn`t that ironic? And did you know that Mila Kunis was only 14 years old when she held her audition for That `70s Show?

Sometimes drama is more than real. The host of the show River Monsters has nearly dies in more than one occasion while filming the show. He was held at gunpoint, he almost drowned and his plane crashed at one time. Lucky or crazy?

What other trivia do you know about famous TV Series?

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The best episodes of The Sopranos. In the memory of James Gandolfini

The death of the central character of the beloved show The Sopranos saddened us all. What we have now to remember and watch again are the best episodes of The Sopranos. Making a choice between the episodes of this TV Series is not an easy thing. The characters are all majestic and the story coherent and sticky.

One of the best episodes is “The Second Coming”, from the sixth series. In this episode we see a glimpse of the human part or Tony who acts ferociously to protect them. The suicide attempt of AJ is a powerful turning point in this episode. Striking, to say the least.

And how about episode 9 from the first series, called “Boca”, when we watch Tony influence the soccer coach through not so legal or moral method and in the end teaching him a lesson in a dramatic and rather amusing way. But besides this we also liked the episode “Employee of the Month” where the performance of Bracco is amazing. She makes you feel everything she supposedly feels and ends the episode with a great and memorable finale.

The season finale of the second season is legendary. Episode 13 deals the problem of Tony who realizes that Big Pussy has turned into a snitch and must be taken out. The scene where Pussy negotiates the way he is going to die is unbelievable and strikes a soft chord in every one of us.

I`ll end this memorial of excellent episodes with “The Knight in White Stain Armor” where T gets sarcastic and Tony deals with a suicidal goomah. In this episode we see Janice pulling the trigger on Richie Aprile, a great shock for the fans and an epic scene. If you haven`t watched these episodes yet, go do it now.

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